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About Us

EDWARD Transportation is the highest rated car service in our home base of The Golden Isles, GA. We have maintained a 5-star Google rating for almost six years, and we have completed over 10,000 rides. We are locally owned and operated, and we feature the best local, concierge drivers in the communities in which we operate. We are a proud member of the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce; the Golden Isles Wedding Association; the Camden County, GA Chamber of Commerce; the Dublin-Laurens County, GA Chamber of Commerce; the Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau; the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce; the McIntosh County, GA Chamber of Commerce; and the Wayne County, GA Chamber of Commerce.

EDWARD Transportation began in May of 2016 and was founded by Edward C. Tracey, who had spent the majority of his career as a National Logistics Entrepreneur. In 2020, EDWARD Transportation expanded its services to include the entire Coastal Georgia region; Statesboro, GA; southeast coastal South Carolina; and Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. In February of 2022, EDWARD Transportation acquired Golden Isles Executive Transportation of Saint Simon’s Island, GA.

In just a few years, EDWARD Transportation has doubled its business each and every year. Of course, like the rest of the hospitality industry, Covid-19 caused a setback in 2020. It was difficult to find drivers willing to chaffeur potentially ill strangers. However, in 2021, business came back like a freight train rolling downhill with no breaks. With the acquisition of a competitor in 2022, EDWARD Transportation has increased its hold on The Golden Isles’ market share.

In the currently booming market, we tell people to book their ground transportation reservations as soon as they book their flight and/or hotel.  

Our Founder’s Story

Edward Tracey was a high school athlete and All-American in basketball graduating from St. Anthony’s High School in new Bedford, MA, and he was named one of southeastern Massachusetts’ top high school basketball players of all time by the New Bedford Standard Times. Edward was elected as one of the youngest ever to serve as a New Bedford City Councilman at the age of 24. Edward formed a property management and development company at the age of 27 and a trucking company at the age of 29, which led to a national logistics career for over 25 years. Edward created the first national retailer and manufacturer, direct-to-consumer, delivery market place in the late 1980s. This was the first time in American history any retailer, manufacturer, catalogue sales, or online retailers who sold big and heavy products were able to ship from any zip code in the U.S.A. and Canada to any zip code in the U.S.A and Canada. Not only was this the first time these feats could be accomplished, but they were also done with technology tracking, tracing, and status updates. Prior to this, the last-mile industry had been a primarily local or, at best, a regional service. 

Edward retired at the age of 55 and moved to The Golden Isles of Georgia from Atlanta in 2014. In 2016, Edward decided to start driving for Uber as a side gig to see what this new craze was all about. Edward was one of the first Uber drivers in the area, and after conducting over 3000 rides, he realized there were gaps in Uber’s services and they paid very low rates to drivers who put lots of miles and wear and tear on their personal vehicles. Edward began looking for software he could adapt to a new style of rideshare company, essentially creating a concierge rideshare platform. A study of the area’s transportation industry showed that there was access to either traditional cab services or very expensive limo services. But it was hard to find a model that offered newer vehicles and concierge services combined with a willingness to go anywhere and make a reservation by appointment through a website or state-of-the-art mobile phone app. Hence, EDWARD Transportation was born.

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