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Join the EDWARD Driver Team and Drive with Confidence

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as an EDWARD Driver? Join our esteemed team of dedicated individuals and enjoy the freedom to earn income on your own schedule while taking pride in providing top-notch transportation services.

We take immense pride in our commitment to fair compensation for our drivers. At our core, we believe in rewarding their hard work and dedication. That’s why we pay our drivers the highest percentage in the industry when compared to our competitors. We understand that our drivers are the backbone of our service, and their satisfaction and financial well-being are paramount. By offering industry-leading compensation, we aim to attract and retain the best talent in the field, ensuring not only the success of our drivers but also the exceptional service we provide to our valued passengers.

Requirements and Qualifications

At EDWARD Transportation, we are seeking clean-cut, professional men and women who possess both a remarkable driving record and a friendly, yet business-like personality.

Whether you’re retired, looking for part-time income, or a professional seeking additional earnings during early mornings, days off, or weekends, we welcome you to join our team. EDWARD Transportation offers flexible opportunities to supplement your income while making a positive impact on our passengers’ journeys.

Drive with Confidence and Make a Difference

Our driver requirements are in place to ensure that we are providing our passengers with a superior transportation experience. To uphold our commitment to excellence, it is crucial for all EDWARD drivers to meet and maintain the following standards:

  1. Exceptional Driving Record: Your impeccable driving history is a testament to your commitment to safety and responsible driving. We value individuals with clean records who prioritize the well-being of our passengers.
  2. Professional Appearance and Nice Vehicle: As an EDWARD driver, you will represent our service, so we are looking for individuals who present themselves in a clean-cut and professional manner. Your vehicle should meet the specifications outlined under the “Vehicle Requirements” section on this page.
  3. Friendly and Business-like Personality: A combination of a warm and approachable demeanor with a professional attitude is essential in delivering exceptional service to our passengers.
  4. Smoke- and Drug-Free: To ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers, EDWARD drivers and their vehicles must be smoke- and drug-free.

If you meet all the requirements. Fill out the form below and take the first step towards becoming an esteemed member of our team. We look forward to welcoming you as an EDWARD driver and to embarking on a fulfilling journey together!

Maintain the Highest Standards of Quality and Professionalism

As an EDWARD driver, it is essential to keep your car impeccably clean, both inside and out, at all times. We believe that a clean vehicle enhances the overall experience for our passengers, leaving a lasting impression of exceptional service. Therefore, we require all EDWARD drivers to maintain their cars in pristine condition. By ensuring your car is spotless inside and out, you contribute to the positive reputation of our transportation service. A clean car reflects our commitment to excellence and creates a welcoming environment for passengers. Regular cleaning and upkeep of your vehicle not only showcase your professionalism but also demonstrate your dedication to providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Paying attention to every detail, from vacuuming and dusting the interior to washing and polishing the exterior, will set you apart as an outstanding EDWARD driver.

Offer Luxury Transportation with Style and Elegance

Our prospective ride-share drivers will be operating their own vehicles, and we have specific requirements in place for those. We expect the vehicles to be models that are four years old or newer, spanning various categories, such as economy, luxury, SUVs, and any other vehicle type that aligns with our service standards. This ensures that our passengers can look forward to a diverse fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles that prioritize safety, comfort, and quality. Our current vehicle requirements include, but are not limited to:

  1. Late Model Vehicles: We are primarily looking for late model vehicles that meet our high standards. However, exceptions may be considered for specialty cars or those with exceptionally low mileage that are in impeccable condition.
  2. Vehicle Types: Our desired vehicle types include SUVs, sedans, crossover vehicles, sprinter vans, passenger vans, luxury vehicles, and luxury vans. These options allow us to cater to the diverse needs of our valued passengers.
  3. Preferred Colors and Interiors: Vehicles in white, grey, black, or silver with elegant grey or black interiors are highly desired. This color scheme reflects a sense of sophistication and style that resonates with our passengers.
  4. Passenger Comfort: Business passengers flying to and from airports often appreciate extra amenities. Thus, cars equipped with leather seats and convenient phone charging stations are preferred, enhancing their overall comfort during the journey.
  5. Vehicle Maintenance: It is crucial that all vehicles remain clean, well-maintained, and in great condition at all times. Regular cleaning and upkeep, along with addressing any necessary repairs promptly, contribute to a premium transportation experience.
  6. Spot Inspections: As part of our commitment to maintaining high standards, an EDWARD representative may conduct spot inspections on vehicles. This ensures that our drivers consistently deliver excellence in both vehicle presentation and performance.

By providing exceptional service and meeting our vehicle criteria, you can become an integral part of the EDWARD Transportation experience.

Protecting Passengers and Drivers with Comprehensive Insurance

At EDWARD Transportation, the safety and well-being of our passengers and drivers are our top priorities. To ensure adequate coverage and protection for all parties involved, we have specific insurance verification guidelines in place for our drivers. Please refer to these eligibility guidelines:

  1. Most non-commercial insurance companies exclude any commercial use of your private vehicles. 
  2. You must have complete ride-share coverage in order to drive for EDWARD Transportation.  
  3. Endorsements by your insurer must include $500,000 combined liability and TNC 1, 2, and 3 coverage. 
  4. You must add EDWARD Transportation as additionally insured. 

TNC provides coverage when a driver is:

  1. Available for Hire or “APP ON”: The driver is available but has not accepted a ride request on the TNC’s digital network.
  2. Dispatched: The driver has connected with a paying passenger on the TNC’s digital network and is on the way to pick them up.
  3. Transporting: A paying Passenger on the TNC’s digital network occupies the driver’s vehicle.

Questions about our driver requirements and qualifications?
Contact us by calling (888) 517-0599.

New Driver Contact Form

Once you have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions described above, please contact us through this form. Tell us that you have read the requirements and qualifications and that you want to be a driver in your geographic service are. The coverage zone map can be found on our “Services” page.

By filling out the form below, you indicate that you have read and agree to the terms posted above.