Best of Georgia 2023 Award

Where Every Mile is Worthwhile

Edward Transportation has quietly woven a tapestry of reliability and customer satisfaction that recently culminated in being honored with a 2023 Best of Georgia Award. This accolade, a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit thriving across America, was bestowed not by a panel of distant judges but by the very people who make the wheels turn: the customers.

The Best of Georgia Awards, a platform celebrating service excellence, recognizes businesses that go above and beyond the call of duty, and Edward Transportation has evidently earned its stripes. Their fleet of vehicles has become a familiar comfort to the weary traveler, whether they’re landing in Jacksonville, Brunswick, or Savannah, ensuring their adventures in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina start and end on a serene note. Edward Transportation was the recipient of a Best of Georgia Award in 2021 and 2022, as well as a winner for Best of Florida in 2023.

In a world racing towards the future, Edward Transportation reminds us that the journey matters just as much as the destination. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s the way you’re made to feel along the way. Whether it’s the bride anticipating her walk down the aisle, the executive prepping for a crucial meeting, or the family embarking on a much-needed vacation, Edward Transportation ensures that the road traveled is stress-free and enveloped in comfort.

The owner of Edward Transportation reflects on this ethos: “Our goal has always been to provide a service that adds value to every trip. We see ourselves not just as a transportation company, but as the first chapter in our customers’ stories. Winning the Best of Georgia Award by customer votes is a milestone that reassures us that our dedication to making travel seamless is resonating with the hearts and minds of our clients.” Our drivers epitomize our core value and motto, “We Love People”.

This recognition from the Best of Georgia Awards is not just a feather in the cap for Edward Transportation; it’s a beacon for all those small businesses that persistently strive to make a difference. It’s for the late nights, the early mornings, the extra mile, and the unyielding belief that good service is not just good business—it’s the very fabric of a thriving community.

Write-up Credit: Georgia Business Journal. Visit the Georgia Business Journal website to view the original article.

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