Be an EDWARD Driver

Clean Car

Keep your Car Clean inside and out at all times!  

Cars must be in pristine condition to be a driver for  EDWARD Transportation! 

Exceptional Driving Record

Do you have an exceptional driving record?  

We are looking for clean-cut professional looking men and women who have a nice vehicle as described under Type of Vehicle on this page. 

You may be retired and/or looking for a part-time income.  You may be a fireman, policeman, or school teacher looking to supplement your income on early mornings, days off, or on weekends. 

Do you have a friendly but business- like personality and disposition?

If so and you meet all the requirements and are smoke and drug free then email us your resume and the following:

copy of driver’s license, registration, insurance card, criminal background check from your county Sheriff’s office, selfie, and picture of inside and outside of your car. 

Fill out the form below.

Type of Vehicle Required

We are looking for Owner Operators with late model, 2017 or newer vehicles. Exceptions may be made on specialty cars or cars with very low mileage and in pristine condition.

Criteria includes SUVs, Sedans, Crossover Vehicles, Sprinter Vans, Passenger Vans, Luxury Vehicles and Luxury Vans.

 Color Criteria includes white, grey, black, or silver vehicles with grey or black interiors.

Preference from business passengers flying in and out of airports is for cars equipped with leather seats and phone charging stations. 

Vehicles must always be kept clean, in great condition, well-maintained and with no damage.

Drivers must be willing to have spot inspections by an EDWARD representative.

Driver Insurance Verification

Eligibility Guidelines:

Most non commercial insurance companies exclude any commercial use of your private vehicles.  You must have complete ride-share coverage in order to drive for EDWARD.  

Endorsements by your insurer must include $500,000 combined liability and TNC 1, 2, and 3 coverage.  You must add EDWARD Transportation as additionally insured. 

TNC Provides Coverage When Driver is… 

1.  Available for Hire or “APP ON” The driver is available but has not accepted a ride request on the TNC’s digital network.

2.  Dispatched. The driver has connected with a paying passenger on the TNC’s digital network and is on the way to pick them up.

3. Transporting. A paying Passenger on the TNC’s digital network occupies the drivers vehicle.


Contact by texting EDWARD Transportation at: 


New Driver Contact Form

Once you have read and agreed to all the terms described above, please contact us through this form.  Tell us you have read and want to be a driver in your geographic zone.  The zone can be found on the zone map page.

By filling out the form below, you agree that you have read and agreed to the terms posted above.

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