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Hilton Head and Tybee Island Passengers Attention! We service Hilton Head and Tybee from Savannah and other areas. If we are on Island the rates in the system are applicable. If we have to pull a driver from Savannah or other areas there is a $50.00 or $20.00  additional travel charge to get our driver to Hilton Head or Tybee. We are willing to help those having transportation issues on Hilton Head and Tybee but we have to reimburse our Savannah drivers for driving there. So example would be; a local Hilton Head ride being $25.00 would become $75.00,  A local Tybee ride would become $45.00 if we have no other Hilton Head rides. If we have other Hilton head rides within an hour of each other the driver travel charge is waived.

Please read RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS and Company Polices before completing your reservation(s)

NOTE: When you finish entering your reservation an email confirming the reservation is registered in our system. The confirmation is your contract with us. Please read it to check details and for any taxes, fuel surcharges, tolls, tips, etc., that were not included in your quote over the phone.  You will receive a notification immediately showing you were successful at making your reservation.  This does not guarantee a concierge driver.  Shortly after this reservation is received dispatch will then review it and assign your vehicle of choice and your concierge driver.  If that vehicle is not available we reserve the right to choose another vehicle that is available and rates may be different.

If you want to cancel the reservation we have a 4 hour cancelation policy on regular cars and larger vehicles have a two week cancellation policy. A lot of this is automated and if you have questions please call us. Be sure a driver has been assigned.

Rides over $150.00, commercial customers, charter rides or those who are direct billed,  will be charged 20% gratuity.  After the ride is complete and you are clear of the vehicle you have an opportunity rate your experience and to text 912 571-2763 and add a tip or any additional tip.  This way you do not feel pressured by the driver.

Within two hours of your concierge driver and vehicle being assigned the driver should reach out to you with an introduction and go over your ride details. If you book an airport pick up or drop off, please choose the airport code like JAX, BQK, SAV, etc., and not the airport street address.  This allows us then to track the flight and see delays saving you waiting time charges. If the vehicle you chose is not available and only a less or more expensive vehicle is available please let us know if you want to cancel that choice.  We will understand.  We are a contractor based network transportation services model. We are the highest rated transportation concierge service in our operating area.

Company Policies

Cleaning fees.  $250.00 fee will be charged for any trip where people get sick in the vehicle or someone spills liquids or food on seats, floors, or results in stains.  If damage is done to vehicle, more may be required.  Sometimes a total detail of the vehicle is the only way to clean sand up from the beach, or clean up after food, liquids or pets or people getting sick in the vehicle. 

Policy on Driver being late for a ride:

This happens very rarely, 1 in 1500 rides, that a driver is more than 15 minutes late and you miss a flight. If this happens, we will reimburse the cost of your ride and Venmo you a $100.00 compensation if you are not able to rebook your flight the same day.

Also, all affiliates are independent companies and carry their own commercial insurance and liability coverage. Our ET Concierge Drivers carry Rideshare Insurance endorsements and EDWARD Transportation is not responsible for any liability for accidents or breakdowns while passengers are in the care of an Affiliate or Concierge Driver or an affiliate vehicle.  If an accident occurs both passenger and driver should notify dispatch at 912-771-1301 as soon as they possibly can.  We will make whatever arrangements we can to pick you up and continue your ride. 

Accidents are again rare, but we cannot and will not be responsible for missed flights or missed appointments or events due to any accident, weather conditions, delays in traffic, vehicle breakdown, etc.  We will however give you a credit in the amount equal to the amount of the reservation should you be late for a flight or important appointment that was due to the fault of the driver.  But not due to natural or other circumstances beyond our control.

See your confirmation for more details on cancelation fees, deposits for chartered vehicles, etc., 

To register a new account click login on right and either create a new account or enter your existing log in. ———>>>>>

Major Debit Credit Cards

We accept all major debit or credit cards. NO CASH!

Rides that are over $150.00 will automatically add a 20% percent gratuity.  For all other rides to leave a tip for your driver, just text us your name and confirmation number to 912-574-7183. 100% of the tip goes to the driver.


20 percent tips are automatically added to all reservations over 150.00 or for any hourly rate or chartered vehicles or affiliate reservations. 

Sales Taxes

All states have different sales and use taxes and fees.  You will see this in a separate line item on your reservation. Georgia has new Transportation Services Fee that replaces the Georgia Sales Tax.  It is now $0.57 per ride. 

STAR Rating

Drivers earn bonuses and ratings by their Customer Ratings and comments.  After the ride is complete you will receive a text and/or email to give a star rating. We hope our driver has earned a 5 star rating. You also have a chance to make a comment and that comment will be posted to Google Reviews on your driver’s behalf.  Look at driver ratings by clicking on this link. Drivers who fall below a 4.95 rating are put on probation and are subject to dismissal from representing the EDWARD Brand. If you make a mistake and accidentally click on a star but didn’t mean to you have a chance to change it through the email version sent to you. 

Customer reviews and driver ratings

Google and Social Media Reviews

Separately you can leave a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Just go to our social media tab for the links, or search for EDWARD Transportation. We hope you loved your EDWARD experience. 

We Love People!