concierge transportation solves travel stress

On February 1, 2024, Edward Tracey, CEO and Founder of Edward Transportation, presented at the Camden Newcomers’ Club. He shared some travel anecdotes and provided insight into how his company’s concierge rideshare services can help reduce travel anxiety.

Traveling naturally triggers stress and anxiety for many individuals. Trying to coordinate all the logistics, breaking from routine, and fears of what could possibly go wrong plague many a jetsetter. But, as Edward shared with the ladies of the Camden Newcomers Club, they don’t have to!

While most people think of Uber or Lyft when they hear the word “rideshare,” Edward Transportation’s luxury car service is most assuredly a cut above. They provide concierge services with their own professional drivers in The Golden Isles and Glynn County, GA, and in surrounding areas from Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed by an imposter – their drivers are thoroughly vetted, and because they are a private company, their services are much more regulated.

Whether you need a ride to or from the airport, around town while vacationing, or even just to the shop to pick up your daily ride, Edward Transportation has you covered. No more worries about missing your flight, or stressing to find a taxi service after a night out on the town in an unfamiliar location. Edward Transportation’s dedication to its customers and consistently providing 5-star service take all the hassle out of travel.

Customer satisfaction truly is at the core of Edward Transportation’s service. Every ride exceeds expectations, with the team providing safe, punctual, and comfortable transportation. Their dedication to service, commitment to the community, and belief that business is more about sharing and caring make them an exemplary choice for your transportation needs.

They certainly demonstrate their mission every day: “We Love People!”

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